What are "skins"?

Skins are adhesive vinyl decals that are very precisely computer cut to fit perfectly on your game console. They are not hard plastic cases or rubber silicone shells, although there are some of those products on the market that call themselves "skins". Typically when you you're talking about skins they are thin, adhesive decals. Skins are like stickers only made from far superior materials - the same materials used for automotive decals. Not all skins are the same. The thickness of a skin can tell you a lot about the quality of the skin product if you understand the materials used.

How does the quality & thickness of your skins compare to others?

The thickness of skins varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is very important to understand what goes into a skin to know exactly what you're getting. There are two types of vinyl used to produce skins: "cast"" and "calendered." Calendered vinyl is less expensive and thicker than cast vinyl which is more expensive and thinner. The thinner cast material is a superior product and offers many benefits over the thicker calendered films. Some manufacturers brag about their skins being the thickest skins available, sometimes up to 12mils thick! This is not good as it is a sure sign that they use the inferior calendered materials. Furthermore, a thicker skin will not provide the painted look that quality skins are known for. The thicker the skin the less it looks like a factory original. Skins look much nicer when they look original to the unit. Another downside of thicker skins is that the added thickness can interfere with the normal functionality of some devices. For example, Gameboys, DS systems and some cell phones will not close properly if a thick skin is applied to it. All of our skins are under 6 mils thick even with a clear laminate layer applied. Our solid color skins that do not use a clear layer are all under 3 mils thick. None of our skins will interfere with the normal operation or functionality of your device and the quality of our skins rivals that of the best skin manufacturers out there.

What items can you apply skins to?

Skins can be created for anything that has a smooth finish that the adhesive can adhere to. This includes most electronic devices, most metal items, most plastic items, and most glass items. The vinyl can conform to moderate curves and will maintain the shape of the object to which it is applied. Remeber, skins are made from the same adhesive vinyl materials that are used to create automotive graphics. When applied to vehicles they are able to withstand years of extreme weather conditions (hot and cold), hundreds of car washes and all of the elements that a vehicle is exposed to on a regular basis. If the material can withstand all that and still look good, it's going to withstand just about any application you can imagine. Have an idea for a new skin product that we don't currently offer? Email us!