These removal instructions are provided so that you can quickly and easily remove any DecalStore skin, leaving your gaming system looking like new. These instructions work best if you have not previously attempted other means of removal.

All of the skins we sell can be completely removed without damaging your game system.

Full-Color Printed Skins and Non-Chrome Solid Colors

Printed skins and solid, non-chrome colors will remove cleanly and easily at any time without leaving any adhesive behind. Simply start in a corner and peel away slowly. Once the skin is completely removed, use a soft rag to clean the surface, leaving your game system like new.

Chrome Skins, including Chrome Colors and Patterns

Chrome skins (including chrome colors & patterns) will leave some residue behind when they are peeled off, but it too can be very easily removed without damaging the surface of your game system. The slower you remove a chrome skin, the less residue is left behind. Removing the adhesive that is left behind can be accomplished two different ways:

   1) If you have not tainted the adhesive by touching it or trying to rub it off it can be very easily be removed using either a roll of clear shipping tape (3M brand works best) or a wide roll of masking tape (doesn't work as well). Take a piece of tape and apply it to the area where adhesive remains, just like if you were applying a skin. Press it very firmly down all over using a hard, rigid object such as a squeegee, then slowly peel it back off. The adhesive will stick to the tape and will come off your game system as you peel the tape off. This may need to be repeated a couple times to remove all of the adhesive. If there are any difficult spots that do not want to come off, press the tape down very firmly and then peel it off again very slowly. You may also use a large white eraser to remove any stubborn areas and small spots that remain.

   2) If you have already tried rubbing off the adhesive, or if the tape removal method did not work for some other reason, we recommend using Goo-Gone adhesive remover. Goo-Gone can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreen's and other stores. Removal using Goo-Gone is messier and takes longer. We recommend trying the tape removal method first. If it doesn't work for you then simply follow the instructions on the Goo-Gone container.

*** Use of any remover other than Goo-Gone is not recommended. Goo-Gone is the only remover that we have tested and found to be safe for plastic surfaces. Other removers may just smear the adhesive, making removal more difficult, and some may even melt the plastic surface.


*** IMPORTANT *** Our skins are not reusable once removed. Should you decide you once again want the skinned look we would be happy to sell you a new one.

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